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Video Systems

Cameras and related recording (controlling) devices are widely used in certain areas for tracking purposes. One of the most important purposes of video systems is to be able to track events and obtain immediate evidence by tracking the events by alarm systems (alarm signals), or at the same time by immediately detecting and interfering with the alarm system keeping track of the recordings and then being aware of events and obtain evidence.

With its widely used name, Closed Circuit Television (closed-circuit television / CCTV) systems have become an open and accessible platform with the introduction of computer and network technology along with using private cable and surveillance equipment.

Video systems have become easier to integrate with other security systems and building surveillance systems, and have become even more demanding.

The cameras’ alarm signals can be launched without the need for operator intervention, with the addition of several software and hardware, not only limited to video tracking and recording, but also different objects and state license plates can be identified as well. Cameras have been widely used in various sectors for security and other purposes.

Going beyond the highest security requirements of our time, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to improve our intellectual solutions that offer concrete business advantages.

We believe that the next logical step for security is to provide an analysis in order to begin to use large amounts of video information for customers for other purposes.

The ability to interpret video information directly on the site helps to provide specific job opportunities along with significant improvements in security levels.