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Structured Cabling Systems

Critical work applications on network systems are designed and implemented with structured cabling systems so that they can be used for the longest time. It comprises all the wiring procedures, active and passive devices, and structured cabling systems for the transmission of analog and digital transmission of all building control and communications signals. It is an infrastructure wiring procedure that is implemented to ensure the proper transmission of energy, data, sound, and security systems signals inside the building, allowing them to collect and operate under one roof and, if necessary, expand. A significant nuance in structured cable-laying procedures is the proper design and use of the right equipment. With a well-established infrastructure, the needs of the authorities in this area can be met for a while.

Fiber Optical Cabling

Fiber optical wiring is a cable infrastructure that can create a large network of 1 Gbit and 10 Gbit Ethernet structures within long distances of the Singlemod and Multimod types both inside and outside the building. Secanet LLC Fiber Optical Cable Infrastructure will carry out your projects until the key is delivered. We have on-site research, design, cable laying, fiber optic fusion completion (fiber optic fusion splice termination), fiber optic dB test, fiber optical OTDR test, fiber optic dB test report – documentation, fiber optic OTDR test report – documentation and fiber optical activation services for your Fiber Optical Cable Infrastructure needs.

Copper Wiring

Copper wiring is a structured cabling that varies with the distance used for data transmission. Currently, network infrastructure is among the first-class investments for organizations. Thus, all company communication and organizational success has only been able to be implemented seamlessly with the network infrastructure of a local area. Professional KT managers have long sought to ensure that the solutions they use can be scalable, flexible, secure and high performance.

As a Secanet Limited Liability Company, we provide 25 years warranty complete systems, our world-leading infrastructure cable manufacturers with our professional team and partners.