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Public Address/Voice Evacuation

It is important to prioritize public safety solutions for areas where people, such as schools, hotels, shopping malls, super markets, social enterprises, factories and offices, work in densely populated areas. The need for evacuation, messaging and background music is provided in these areas thanks to the emergency notices and sounding systems. Emergency notices and sound systems operate over two channels, including music and announcing. If the announcement is not made, the music continues. If an announcement is made, the call area will be selected over the call station and the key will be pressed until the end of the call and announcement.

In accordance with any architectural design, a wide selector variant may be designed to be divided into sections according to the needs of the sound and announcing system. Different music broadcasting is performed on different parts, and in an emergency, the system automatically switches to an emergency mode, allowing voice messages to be broadcast. In addition, the built-in systems integrating with other security solutions such as fire detection are activated by alerts from these devices.