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Network Solutions


The network is created by connecting multiple computers to each other. Within a network, there are different tools. These networks create a lot of work in everyday life, saving money and time. These are examples of easier data dissemination, the sharing of certain software and hardware, and the more easily managed centrality of the systems being created. As management and support services are simplified, a network manager can track the entire network from one computer and solve problems.

LAN / WAN Solutions

Secanet provides its clients with professional LAN / WAN configuration and management services by its operation in IT sector. Taking advantage of the network’s benefits, Neocom, which aims to provide its customers with optimum benefits, has also proved its sensitivity to its current projects. Our firm’s projects are implemented as a result of configuration services, detailed analysis and planning, and a comprehensive customer service.

Voice and Data Integration

IP protocols have become standard over communication networks in today’s world of communication. Offices with geographically collapsed offices create communication networks to communicate with their offices. Providing inter-office telephone conversations using an IP protocol over a broader network of communication creates a significant reduction in offices’ phone costs. Secanet LLC successfully implements its clients’ data networks (data transmission network) and voice integration with its professional team.

Wireless Communication Networks

In today’s world, communication has become increasingly important, not just the importance of network technologies, but the benefits it provides. These include cost savings, business continuity, and quick access to data at any time and anywhere. Communication networks for offices to compete in their sector have now been designed to manage costs in a modern-day way. As a Neocom family, we provide you with wireless access points, testing, simulation development, and the establishment of seamless operating systems along with our networking projects.